In this month’s creator profile we get to sit down with artist / journalist / director / all-round-nice-guy, Colwyn Thomas, from Durban-based production company Scholars & Gentlemen.
The soon-to-be-released iPhone 13 Pro features an all-new Cinematic mode. This is exciting news for any filmmaker out there and is sure to help elevate video content creation across the board.
Winning a job through Filmer all starts with a jaw-dropping-show-stopping treatment. We break down the treatment process and offer a few tips on how to put together a treatment that will win you work, fame and glory.
At Filmer, we get truly excited and giddy about new developments in filmmaking and video production. One of the most interesting, exciting, and polarising developments we’ve heard about it in the last couple of years is the use of Unreal Engine.
This month we caught up with one of the Filmer creative juggernauts who is doing some big and bright things. Ladies and gentlemen. Anthony Bila. Director, photographer, influencer and one of the slickest Zoom call presenters we’ve ever seen.