The Filmer creator community is filled with hot talent from all disciplines of filmmaking, photography and content creation – whether its commercials, documentaries, music videos, short films, VR/AR, photography or even just some next level TikTok makers, we have a pool of talent that all have something unique to offer.

This month we caught up with one of the Filmer creative juggernauts who is doing some big and bright things, and he sits down with us to answer 8 questions.

Ladies and gentlemen. Anthony Bila. Director, photographer, influencer and one of the slickest Zoom call presenters we’ve ever seen.

1. What’s your origin story?

I began my career by getting a foot in an ad agency’s door as an account manager. I transferred to the creative department a while later as a copywriter, and after ten years of agency experience, I pivoted to filmmaking. During that time, I’ve always continued to work on my art and photography on the side.

2. Tell us about Indie Village

I partnered with Indie Village about 6 months ago as their creative director and we work on commercials, content, documentaries. We’re going after a wide variety of work, and since our partnership, we’ve actually managed to grow during the pandemic. We work directly with clients, we go through agencies, and we act as a production company, where they may outsource me to other projects.

3. What are the traits that got you to where you are now?

If I can get into the room with a prospective client, I’m very confident in my ability to communicate my vision and make a connection. I can sell!

4. What kind of work do you love and hate to do?

I love work that is uncomfortable and brave, and forces everyone in the process to think of themselves as custodians of the story, and help them be brave enough to tell that story in fresh, unconventional ways. I like work that polarises, not for the wrong reasons, but creatively. Work that has a strong idea or ethic that some people will love and others will hate. On the other side of the coin, I’m not a fan of the mundane, the ill-considered and the irrelevant.

5. What’s your perspective on creativity?

I think it’s important to keep pushing your creative envelope even though you’re busy with paying commercial work that might not be as stimulating. If you don’t stretch those muscles, you’ll lose that strength.

6. Are you dealing with any issues in the industry?

Transformation is still frustratingly slow on every level. I believe that if you want to create work that feels authentically South African, the production process should include people from all walks of life. When I direct, I’ll take suggestions from everyone on set if they want to give them. Fresh perspectives make fresh work.

7. What drew you to start pitching and working with Filmer?

I just think it’s a great platform! I like that it’s an open platform that doesn’t rely on an old-boys network or politics. It’s more of a meritocracy, and it gets the treatments of smaller companies in front of big brands.

8. What advice would you give aspiring filmmakers?

Inform yourself through the many platforms available. Go into a deep dive into the filmmakers of shows you love and get to know the creators and thought behind them. Use those people as your mentors. Many of them are sharing their processes. Also, start with what you have. If you can only shoot and edit on your phone, do it. If your cast is your friends, do it. Look for excuses to start, put yourself out there, and persist. You WILL get better, and the jobs WILL get bigger.

To see Anthony’s work, go to or follow him on Insta at @theexpressionist