1. What’s your origin story?

We first met in high school drama class back in 2010 when we still had no idea filmmaking was even a possible career. We both immediately had a deep passion for acting, writing, and cinema in general. After high school, we both managed to get into AFDA, which opened our minds up to the endless possibilities in the filmmaking realm. It was there where we learnt how all the departments that bring a film together operate in synchronicity, and as a result, our dream to be all-encompassing filmmakers was born.

2. Tell us about Outre Studios?

When the company was born, the aim was to create content that would not only help clients reach their target but create something outside the box. This is where the company name Outré came from – the name means, unusual or outside the box. With our background in writing, and specifically, narrative writing, we’ve been privileged to get to work with blue chip brands such as BBM, Captain Morgan, Pick n Pay, and now through Filmer, Defy, PriceCheck, and Brutal Fruit. This work has opened up endless possibilities for the company to seek opportunities in places that weren’t as saturated. As a result, Outré went from creating online content to producing ad campaigns and even television shows.

3. Tell us about the work you are currently doing?

We are working on a few projects, mainly, a series that began on YouTube and is now being repurposed for television as well as a feature-length documentary. Besides this, expanding the team and finding more like-minded creatives has become our biggest need. As we grow our company we are really looking to maintain the value we have created for our clients, and ensure we are able to execute multiple high quality jobs at once.

 4. What are the traits that got you to where you are now?

We believe our willingness to learn and being open to new ideas and processes when it comes to working with different creatives. We really believe that every job presents a lesson, and every lesson promotes growth. Also, getting to work with naturally talented individuals on our team helps

5. What kind of work do you love to do?

Because of a strong background in performance and narrative writing, the work that really resonates with the Outré team are stories that are relatable and have emotional relevance. In essence, the story is what really guides the work and leads the team into working in different mediums and genres. It could be a film, a series, an advert, or even a corporate video, but our passion really lives in the storytelling.

6. How do you think the South African film industry can improve?

The film industry is an industry of freelancers. And from a freelancer’s perspective, the most pressing thing is to understand the business side of filmmaking. You can be a cinematographer, a make-up artist, or a production designer, but it always helps to treat yourself as a business. For example, if you work as an individual, rather than work paycheck to paycheck, open a company and pay yourself monthly through the company. This way you can build a sustainable income while building your business profile. South Africa hardly recognises freelancers as workers.

7. What drew you to start pitching and working with Filmer?

After 5 years of trying to understand our strengths, the company was at a point of exploring other mediums to grow the business. We underwent an intense search through the advertising world and tried to send pitches to agencies before stumbling upon Filmer, which spoke to our need to growing and doing creative work for other clients. This was the obvious next step for the company.

 8. What advice would you give to young aspiring filmmakers?

Go out there and shoot stuff, for free if need be. This is where we started. Birthday parties, weddings, music videos, festivals, etc. These things help build a strong portfolio to use when approaching clients. Lastly, always seek to learn, it’s how to get better and don’t be scared to fail because through failing you become aware of what works and how to elevate the next project.

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