How to write and put together a treatment is key to winning production jobs through Filmer. We often get asked to share treatments so that creators can get a sense of what other people’s treatments look like. Now while we can’t share other people’s work, what we can do is share a rough guide of what needs to go into your treatment.

Now treatments really are like snow flakes – each one is different. And each treatment needs its own approach, depending on the job, the concept, the script, etc.

But what is important is to create a visual treatment that clearly outlines your idea, your vision, and how you plan to execute it. A simple word document just isn’t going to catch the same attention as a treatment that has images and video references. Human beings are visual creatures. So are clients. You’ll be putting your best foot forward if your treatment gives the reader a sense of how your film will look and feel in the end.

With that in mind, please have a gander at the pdf below that gives a rough and very loose outline to some of the key chapters and slides one should consider in their treatment document.

At the end of the day, it’s your vision a potential client is buying into. So put whatever you need in there to allow the client to see their job through your eyes.

[*Pro Tip: And when submitting a treatment on Filmer.tv, always best to submit it as a pdf with links to your video refs.]